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Theater Play “The Land Of Fantasy”

Theater play "The Land Of Fantasy"

With us there is always fun at around the corner.

We organize monthly happenings and activities that ignite students’ minds and creativity. Just this month, we had the opportunity to enjoy a show from our friends „ Šareni Suncokreti“  who performed a wonderful play called „ The Land Of Fantasy.”

Children immensely enjoyed an afternoon of fun with the characters from Fantasy Land.

When Fantasy Land came into the room – the ambient changed instantly. The children were mesmerized by the entire concept of the play.  

The children were ecstatic while interacting with the stage personalities. All cuddled up in a circle on the floor; they chanted songs together as one and talked why it’s so important to care and cherish our friends.

Wherever we go and whatever we do, is always filled with lots of fun.
Whether it be something that we together and discuss back on it in morning circle time.

We are very happy every month that we are able to follow their educational and motivational curriculum and incorporate lots of fun and exciting activities.

Our mission is learning through fun and play!