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We ensure that your child’s entire stay is fulfilled with quality, while making learning fun and accessible.

We see each day as a new adventure for the child to experience. The idea is to motivate children and stimulate them every day through distinctive motives and themes. We familiarise them with their environment and encourage them to take part in their activities.

We develop healthy eating habits suggested by the nutritionist for breakfast and lunch. The food we provide contains all the necessary nutrients needed for your child’s development.  

Areas of Development

Introduction to phonics, voice exercises, imitation of sounds and vocal exercises.

Number recognition and simple calculation. The naming of shapes; and learning patterns and colors through games.

Singing songs and practicing movement with dancing through recognizing the rhythm of sounds.

Drawing, painting with watercolours, encouraging children to express their imagination and creativity through the expression of arts. Using a diverse variety of tools encourages children to correctly hold, use, glue and cut.

Swimming lessons are conducted in a safe, fun and encouraging surrounding. Lesson are held in the building of Brook Hill International School, under the supervision of trained, and experienced teachers.

We encourage the reading of stories, and re-telling them before bedtime. We also discuss the interpretation of characters from the story.

Playing with dolls and developing characters from the stories they listened to, and encouraging them to develop their own characters in a story.

Playing with self-made toys out of beans, rice, and other materials, through which they learn how to experiment and develop their own creativity.

Timetable for 2019 / 2020