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We begin our day in a calm and relaxed manner, planned with the goal that youngsters and instructors have space to get to know one another. We believe in fostering strong relationships between the children and their teachers.

Healthy snacks throughout the day are vital, in order to ensure that your child has the necessary energy they need. That is why our snacks consist mainly of fruit.

Areas of Development

Planned and adapted to a young age, through speech and language exercises we stimulate communication and understanding by expanding their existing vocabulary and repetition of previously learned words and sounds.

Our teachers are especially dedicated in motivating students, through a customized curriculum, through phonics, reading, and writing.

Learning numbers, shapes and simple calculations, we build on the concepts and ideas they learnt in preschool.

We build on the skills the children already have through drawing, colouring, painting with watercolours, encouraging children to express their imagination and creativity through the expression of arts.

Developing social skills, building self-confidence and independence, strengthening the bond with our natural surroundings, connecting with nature. We try to engage children in activities out in the open, which have a positive effect on their personal, social and emotional development.

Reception Timetable for 2019/2020

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