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We ensure that your child’s entire stay is fulfilled with quality, while making learning fun and accessible.


We see each day as a new adventure for the child to experience. The idea is to motivate children and stimulate them every day through distinctive motives and themes. We familiarise them with their environment and encourage them to take part in their activities.

We develop healthy eating habits suggested by the nutritionist for breakfast and lunch. The food we provide contains all the necessary nutrients needed for your child’s development.

Areas of Development




We begin our day in a calm and relaxed manner, planned with the goal that youngsters and instructors have space to get to know one another. We believe in fostering strong relationships between the children and their teachers.
Healthy snacks throughout the day are vital, in order to ensure that your child has the necessary energy they need. That is why our snacks consist mainly of fruit.

Areas of Development


Communication and language

Planned and adapted to a young age, through speech and language exercises we stimulate communication and understanding by expanding their existing vocabulary and repetition of previously learned words and sounds.



Our teachers are especially dedicated in motivating students, through a customized curriculum, through phonics, reading, and writing.



Learning numbers, shapes and simple calculations, we build on the concepts and ideas they learnt in preschool.


Expressive arts and design

We build on the skills the children already have through drawing, colouring, painting with watercolours, encouraging children to express their imagination and creativity through the expression of arts.


Forest school

Developing social skills, building self-confidence and independence, strengthening the bond with our natural surroundings, connecting with nature. We try to engage children in activities out in the open, which have a positive effect on their personal, social and emotional development.



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Brook Hill Kindergarten

Kačanička 4
Belgrade, Serbia

011 77 56 219
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Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Why study here?

Who we are
What we provide
Our values
Parents as our Partners

Who we are

We believe in nurturing your children through the world of information with the love and care they need. Each child receives a first-rate education through an innovative environment, with indispensable support.

It is important for our children to be happy and fulfilled, and that their stay in our kindergarten is their favorite part of the day. We do so through play and learning to preserve the magic of childhood because only an active and dynamic child becomes a happy and successful person.

We believe in building strong relationships between parents and staff, so that parents feel that they have made the right choice choosing our kindergarten.

What we provide

Our classes are limited in size (maximum 15 pupils) and lessons are planned to suit the individual needs of our students. All of our books are Cambridge endorsed.

Our school provides freshly made food for lunch and snacks. Also, we organise trips throughout the year linked to the curriculum.

We employ teachers who are English native speakers, and our international student body consists of students from all over the world.

Our values

In the international environment that we nurture, students are taught dignity, respect, compassion and acceptance. We work hard with our student body on anti-bullying and celebrating our differences.

With the support of our highqualified teachers our students attend universities all over the world.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

Parents as our Partners

We pride ourselves on the outstanding relationships we form with our parents. From a brief chat at the start or end of the school day to more formal discussions about progress during our regular Parent-Teacher evenings, we are readily available. Parents have a special role in education and are encouraged to become actively involved in their children's progress.

The triangle consisting of School-Student-Parent plays a vital role in education, where a role of each is the same and interconnected with each other. At Brook Hill International School, all the sides of the Education Triangle work together to achieve the healthy development of a child.

The education opportunities that Brook Hill International Kindergarten provides can be life-changing, both for you and your child. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and ensure an excellent start to the long journey of your child’s education.


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